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Copyright Gwinnett Grizzly Bear Association of Nursing Students, Georgia Gwinnett College - 2019 - All Rights Reserved

These are the notes from the initial meeting with the new 2019 GGBANS Board of Directors. 

During this meeting the board discussed our overall positions, NSNA, and upcoming events.

For this meeting we talked about NSNA awards, development of our future general meetings & fundraising.

On this day we discussed awards won at NSNA and our plans for Senior Sendoff amongst other topics.

We discussed our plans for the year including: community events, general meetings, and school events.

We discussed changes to our by-laws, upcoming elections, and our plans for the GANS convention.

GGBANS Executive Board Meetings are open to the public to attend. The meetings are held the last Friday of every month from 07:30 - 08:00 AM. For more information regarding these meetings, please contact Caitlin Worden at cworden@ggc.edu. 


During this meeting we discussed our board's plan for GANS & GGBANS election status.

We implemented & explained our new by-laws to the new board and were told about their positions.

Soon to come!